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DMCA & Abuse Policy Complete details of our DMCA & Report Abuse Policy

The finer details of our DMCA Policy

CoinRDP is an online service provider under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). We respect the rights of copyright holders and follow the efficient notice and takedown procedure as laid down in the Act.

All DMCA takedown requests must be e-mailed to along with ownership proof / proof of rights holding. The request must also contain the clear details of infringer of rights and contact details of copyright owners / their agents. Once a request is validated, CoinRDP would immediately take down such content and could also disable access to the server containing such content.

Please allow a maximum of 48 business hours to verify and act on your DMCA Takedown Request(s).

Server / Account owners having lawful rights to such mistakenly removed content can contact us via Support Ticket along with proofs to file their counter notification.

Repeated infringers can have their accounts suspended without prior notice.

The finer details of our Report Abuse Policy

If you feel that any of our Servers / IPs are involved in Abuse Activities like DoS, DDoS, Spam, Spreading of Malware / Virus etc. please e-mail us at with all possible proofs for us to review and take action.

We will try our best to respond to such requests within 48 hours of receipt.

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